EbonyLife Films

EbonyLife is passionate about telling stories of a multidimensional reality – stories of a burgeoning, pioneering, cosmopolitan and progressive Africa. EbonyLife Films has expanded on this vision by becoming one of the most influential storytellers of a new Africa.

Fifty, the first feature from EbonyLife Films, provided the opportunity to create an honest view of Africa, in contrast to the stereotypical, fatalistic stories of the continent that filmmakers tend to tell. Its second movie, The Wedding Party, went further – with a romantic storyline, strong family themes, beautiful sets, gorgeous costumes, lots of laughs, and characters that audiences could relate to. It was commended as a high-quality movie that Africans could be proud of and went on to become the highest-grossing Nigerian film of all time. The sequel, The Wedding Party 2, has similar characteristics, albeit on a grander scale, that will delight audiences on the continent and abroad.

Strongly rooted in Africa, but connecting to a global audience through a shared identity and common values, EbonyLife Films remains dedicated to telling the full range of African stories as they have never been told.